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Allow proven professionals to continue to perform their skills to fulfill corporate and individual financial goals.


"Creating trusting partnerships, providing quality and value to your customers"



  • 1974- F&M Tool and Plastics, Inc. was founded as a tooling company in Leominster, Massachusetts.

  • 1990- The company started molding for major plastic companies including Dell, Aero, Sterilite, Ames True Temper and United Solutions. The company then purchased two companies, Smartware and Petwares.

  • 2004- Smartware products, a line of Whiskey Barrel, Rain Barrel and Timbers. They are made from 98% post consumer recycle material, such as milk jugs, yogurt cups and computer monitor cases.

  • 2005- Petwares Plus, a line of plastic pet products, from Scoops, Pet Dishes, Litter Pans, and a sturdy Pet Carrier.

  • 2008- Bella Storage Solution was designed, developed and tooled in 2008 offering a full line of Clear Storage, Clear Totes and Solid Totes. Since its creation, Bella Storage Solution has catapulted F&M Tool and Plastics, Inc. sales revenue, quadrupling it's current sales revenue during 4 recession years.

  • 2009- Bella Storage Solution added a line of Storage Carts to complete Bella Storage Solution Signature Collection.

  • 2010- Bella Storage Solution added drawers to it's Carts Collection as well as a line of Locking Lid Clear Storage.

  • 2011- Bella Storage Solution launched a new line of clears beyond the state-of-the-Art: Next Generation in CLEARS.

  • 2012- Bella Storage Solution added 6 completing it's CLEARS Locking Lid Collection.

  • 2017- Bella Storage Solution launches it's MARBLE, SPLASH, and POLKA DOT Collections.

  • 2018- Bella Storage Solutions launches it's STRIPE Collection.

  • 2019- The NO!break product line launches introducing the industry's first highly durable storage totes.  

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